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What is Follow adderFollowadder is an Instagram marketing automation software. It can automate the process of getting real Instagram followers, real photo likes and comments; entire Instagram management, Click Here to Get 7 Days FREE Trial of Follow Adder. Using Followadder you can automate your entire Instagram account management. this is one of my favorite tools when it comes to social media marketing.  Get ready to sit back and relax & let follow adder do the rest for you.

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Who is Follow adder for –
Followadder is suitable for the audience looking to achieve any of the following goals

  • Improve your Blog / website traffic using Instagram
  • Generate leads for business using Instagram
  • Promote your product line through Instagram marketing
  • Branding of your product/ website via Instagram
  • Make money via Instagram
  • Automate your Instagram account management and free up your time for other pursuits.

How does it Work –

Followadder is very simple to use yet provide lots of functionality. In simple terms, its working can be broken into two major steps. Scraping / Uploading & Interacting. Let’s look at both these in detail underneath

  1. Using its Search option, you can scrape users, photos and comments
    1. Users – You can scrape and create a list from it of ‘users to follow’ or ‘users to send DM to’
    2. Photos – You can scrape and create list of – ‘photos to like’ or ‘photos to comment’
    3. Comments –You can scrape comments from photos which you can use for commenting on other similar photos. This is one of the best scraping features Followadder offers. It saves me tons of time I would have to spend on creating prefabricated comments and then spinning them to create decent sounding comments.
  2. Using the bulk upload feature of Followadder you can upload photos in bulk to populate your account with. Also you can schedule the posting of these photos to make it look natural.
  3. Connect with audience using various lists, follow the users, comment or like photos interact with them to build relationship and showcase your product / services to them.

Major Features of Follow adder –

Instagram Follow Adder

Searches: Using this feature one can scrape Instagram users; you can also scrape photos and comments.

List: You can create various lists as per your requirements.

  • You can create users list whom you want to follow or send DM
  • You can create a list of photos which you want to like or comment
  • You can create a list of “My Photos” which you can use to share ‘my photos’ , ‘my photos to DM’, ‘ and my photos for thank you DM’
  • You can create a list of comments which you want to put on others photos.

Follow / Follow Back / Unfollow: Once you have created a list, you can use it to follow under follow section and after certain time if you feel you don’t want to follow them anymore, you can unfollow them. You can also follow back the people who have followed you.

Photos: Under photo section you can share your own photos by using bulk uploader. You can like, like back or unlike photos plus you can comment on the photos as well. Bulk upload feature is a life saver for those looking to use Instagram aggressively.

Direct Messages: You can send Thank You DM to new followers plus you can also send direct messages to the list of users which you have created. These messages will allow you to connect with other Instagram users on a personal level and generate more followers.

Pros and Cons –

Pro –

  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Fully functional and accurate scheduling system.
  • Bulk uploading options.

Con –

  • I would love to have a #tag scraper. Since #tags are what help identify and discover photo on Instagram, they are a very essential part of the Instagram setup. Having to write #tags every time is a pain. A scraping feature that would allow for discovering and using the right #tag so as to maximize your accounts potential will be great.

How Much Does it Cost – Single profile Followadder cost $14.99 per month

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Instagram Follow Adder

Free Trial – You can avail 7 days free Trail from this link – Followadder  7 Day free Trail

How to use Followadder –

You can watch the complete tutorial here

My Verdict –

FollowAdder is an effective Instagram Marketing Software and it does what it promises on its sales page. I personally liked it and I have been using it. It’s the perfect software for those looking to explore the potential of Instagram for their business. It is a must to have a tool for anybody looking to explore the potential of images.

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