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How this blog will help you earn money online:

  • I have tried innumerable online money making techniques, and on this blog I share only those that have proven to be a success for me personally.
  • You get my success mantra and tips, for free; something that other internet marketers charge money for.
  • You get to follow me on my journey to make more money online, and interact and learn with me.

You get detailed step by step tutorial about how to use different avenues to earn money online, along with my success mantra for each technique.

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About Me:

I am 29, based in Mumbai and an Internet marketer to the core. I have been making money online for last 5 years, and have tried tested and perfected many ‘online money making techniques’.

How well can I read and write, well I have a MBA in Marketing, so I know my basics, but I assure you I learnt much more from my ‘Online money making’ attempts than my MBA college ever thought me.

Nothing beats practical education!

How is this blog different?

It’s different because I started out just like you. I started my online money making journey, without any special course or degree to guide me.

I learnt things on my own, applied, failed more often than not, reworked my attempts, learnt some more, and yet still failed.

It took immense amount of persistence for me to succeed in my 1st online money making attempt. Did I make thousands of rupees from it? No. To tell you the truth I made a few hundred Rs and then got so drunk on my success that my venture sunk.

It was disheartening, I wanted to dump whole online money making idea, in fact I did do a job for 6 months. But then the independent bug in me got itching again, I wanted to be my own boss. So I started learning again, read online, researched, applied things, failed, and made changes, until finally I tasted success again.

This time I didn’t make my earlier mistake, I kept learning, kept adapting, to make sure that my money making venture would not fall flat. Slowly I started making steady income of couple of 100 Rs every month. As I continued working on my venture I was able to convert the 100 to 1000’s and the 1000’s to 1,00,000’s; and finally I was making money online!

Over years I experimented with different online money making techniques, from affiliate marketing, to online marketing (SEO). I failed in some, in some others I succeeded.

As I made money online, I realized that in India, there is hardly any proper online money making blog. Everybody will tell you to start an affiliate account, but nobody really tells you how to make the account a success. What’s the success mantra that will help you earn steady income from your online venture.

I decided to fill this gap. Simply because I believe that by sharing knowledge one can always learn more. On this blog, I will tell you things that help me succeed, you tell me about your success/ failure/ attempts to make money online and together we will both make more money online with our shared knowledge being pooled together.

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