Mass Planner Review


Mass Planner Review

Over the years, social media usage has become such a vital part of our daily lives. Now when was the last time I logged on to one of my social media profiles just to do a status update, tweet or upload photo? Hard to remember! Indeed I am using these platforms mostly to keep my presence as a professional felt; in short to keep myself in business! So I decided to explore online and search for that one-stop app to manage all my profiles at a button’s click.
I did find a lot of new kids on the block, few assisted in scheduling social media posts, while others talked about help in social promotion, marketing etc. And then there was Mass Planner which completely bowled me over with its features! The businessman in me started thinking on the lines of how I can use Mass Planner for assisting in my job and to grow my business.

What is a Mass Planner? And why do I need a Mass Planner?

Without further ado, I quickly installed the Mass Planner software on my Windows PC to get things started. Mass Planner helped me schedule all my social media updates on facebook, twitter, Google+, Instagram. Pinterest etc from one single dashboard. This helped me in saving precious time that I could use for offline promotions. Mass Planner gets a big plus from me for that. On the Mass Planner, I noticed tabs like dashboard, social profiles, tools, settings, my account, destination lists and campaigns. Using Mass Planner, I can add below shown social profiles

Massplanner software social profile


I can also use below show option for scheduling the posts. Based on the number of destinations, a post needs to be made. I can use options like standard, volume or scheduling for campaigns. A standard campaign on Mass Planner alone can publish in ten destinations!

massplanner tool review schedule

Well we can even get history and reports on the posting of the content too. These additional features provided by Mass Planner can help boost the marketing strategies of your business, irrespective of the products or services you are offering.

Try Mass Planner today - 5 days free with full functionality

As a businessman, it is important for me to reach out to my users at their convenience. It gives a sense of personal touch which I like and Mass Planner helps there too. The essence of social media marketing is to not to keep broadcasting posts, but to reach out to users at the right time thereby increasing the popularity of the business module. Mass Planner works great on the scheduling front, by assisting in scheduling of updates at regular intervals as and when required. I noticed that Mass Planner generated higher visibility for me through this feature.

How does Mass Planner work with each of the individual social media?

Like I mentioned earlier, it is important to keep my customers engaged, which is more crucial than just broadcasting content. The Mass Planner is designed to function seamlessly with any of the popular social media. That further enhanced my social media marketing experience. The Mass Planner “Tools” tab provides a list of options like joiner, unjoiner, follow back, like, comment, follow, unfollow, retweet/repin based on the social media being used.

massplanner options

Using Mass Planner’s “Finder” and “Joiner” tool on, facebook or Google+, I could search for groups, communities etc based on specific keywords. In social media marketing it is vital for me to be part of the right set of groups, communities, individuals etc. So I checked on a few specific keywords like say “Digital marketing”, “Team building” etc and hey presto! Mass Planner gave me quite a sizeable list. While using Mass Planner I realised that it is necessary to set frequency limits on my search to prevent myself from being burdened by any additional task of deleting and ignoring groups, communities etc which are irrelevant.

Considering the fact that presently more than 90% of B2B reach out is done on Twitter, Mass Planner saved me an extra effort of getting on to it each time and allowed me to schedule a broadcast for Twitter on Mass Planner, similar to how I did for facebook, Google+ etc. Mass Planner does not complain about the number of accounts being added and also allows the addition of multiple accounts for a single media. For instance, Mass Planner allowed me to add multiple facebook pages on to it. My customer base swelled in proportions, thanks to this feature of the Mass Planner.

Similarly, using the Pinterest “Like” tool on Mass Planner, I searched “pins” based on keywords. I clicked on the option “More Tools” or the marker directly under the “Like” category and it led to a page where I specified keywords, frequency of “Likes” etc. For LinkedIn, the Mass Planner provides the “Profile viewer” tool which tells who checked on my profile and when! No complaints on that, Mass Planner was making me popular!

Browser button on Mass Planner gives a live streaming of all social media profiles.

If you want to check a quick interface overview of Massplanner, check this video –

 Offer Cost & Free Trial of Mass Planner:

Try Mass Planner today 5 days for free

Click here to get 5 days FREE Trial of Mass Planner software. A Mass Planner monthly license costs $9.95 which allows a total of 12 social accounts to be added (two for each platform). Similarly a Mass Planner 6 month’s license is at $44.95 and can add 24 social accounts (4 accounts for each platform).

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Pros of Mass Planner:

  • Mass Planner is good organiser software for managing various social media profiles.
  • The Mass Planner helps in reducing time and effort spent in broadcasting online.
  • Mass Planner helps in increasing customer base by assisting in scheduling broadcasts and reaching out to the right set of customers, at the right time.
  • The feature of adding multiple accounts on Mass Planner is highly beneficial for businessmen.
  • Mass Planner’s campaign feature offers various options to upload a post.
  • There's also an Instagram edition as well with all the Instagram related modules enabled.

Cons of Mass Planner:

  • Availability for only Windows systems.
  • Mass Planner should also integrate individual Facebook profile scraping based on filters and sending friend request.


Try Mass Planner today 5 days for free

Mass Planner proves to a world-class product in acting like that one “all work and no talk” kind of assistant that everyone needs in the real world. An excellent organiser which gets addictive thanks to its easy to use features! Promoting your business easily by staying connected to the virtual world around you is what marketing entails these days and Mass Planner offers you a convenient way of doing it.

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