How to Make Money Online

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1.PTC Site 2.Create your own Blog/Website 3.Publish & Sell EBook 4.Design & Sell App/Theme 5.Set your online store
6.Sell Photos Online 7.Online tutor/ Webinar 8.Affiliate/ Remarketing 9.Buy/Sell Domain (Flipping) 10.Freelancing/ Virtual Assistant
11.Earn from YouTube 12.Write for others (iWriter) 13.Online Marketing (SEO/SEM) 14.Selling Own Brand/ Designing 15.Earn from Fiverr


1. PTC Site/GPT Program/ Earn from Home Surveys:

PTC site refers to Paid-to Click sites. GPT Program refers to Get-paid-to-sites. Both these terms refer to the same concept, wherein these sites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers pay these websites fees for showing ads. When you logon to these sites, they show you the ads and a pay a part of their income to you. You get paid for signing up for Websites, newsletters, playing games and filling out online surveys. The topics of these sites range from shopping to politics.

Thus these sites are the easiest way to earn some passive income. As this method of earning income requires no special skill the earning from this method is also quite low. So you cannot look up at these sites with the idea of earning some substantial online income. These sites merely provide you some pocket money income.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Register yourself on PTC website, like, contest2win, etc.
  • Fill in all your details, and the details of how you would like to receive your payment.
  • Log onto the site daily and perform the allocated task
  • Earn money for your performed task.
  • Usually every site has a threshold limit set for payment. Once you have earned enough to get over the threshold limit then you can receive the payment in your preferred mode of payment.
  • The more tasks you perform the more you can earn.


Earning potential – 0.001$ to 0.01$ per 30 sec of ad viewing

Expertise Level required– Beginner. Ideal for people who don't have specific skills set but want to earn extra money

Investment required – Nil

Where can you start –, contest2win

2. Create your own Blog/Website

This one requires time, knowledge and some investment in terms of hosting and other technical aspect. It’s a perfect money making venture for people with passion for any topic. You might like photography, or be an ardent follower of fashion whatever is your passion (niche), if you are willing to share it with others, you can make money out of it.

You can either create a blog or a website, and add to it information about your area of interest. Fashion bloggers regularly add new fashion and makeup tips, tricks and ideas. You can add any information that you feel will benefit people who have similar interest like you.

Some Blog Topic Ideas – Cooking Blog, finance Blog, health blog, fashion blog, movies blog, news blog, education blog, travel blog etc.

It’s not only limited to writing, you can add images (photography), video (recopies, how-to), audio (singing) and much more. It’s a matter of sharing your passion with the world. Once you have a blog/website up and running, if you are sharing useful stuff people will soon start flocking to your website to read and share.

These people will constitute your audience and they will help you make money online. You can earn money by

How to Make Money from this:

  • Showing ads on your site, via ad agencies like Ad sense, BidVertiser, Text Link Ads and Blogads, Blogher &, when your audience clicks on, or views these ads, the ad agencies will pay you on per click or per 1000 view basis.
  • Selling ad spots on your blog, the pricing for this can range from 50-500$ depending on your audience’s demographic profile and sheer volume of audience.
  • Getting paid to do reviews of products in your niche. Once you have good number of visitors on your site, companies launching new product in your niche, can contact you to review their products on your website. You can do this for free or charge some amount.
  • Adding affiliate links of different products in your niche. When anybody buys a product via your affiliate link, you will earn commission on the sale.
  • To know more read How to make money from Blogging & How I made Rs 2.2 lac in a month from Google Adsense


Earning potential – 0.001$ to 0.01$ per 30 sec of ad viewing

Expertise Level required – Intermediate. Ideal for people who have passion for a particular niche. Engaging communication skills are a must for this.

Investment required – 50-150 $, for domain name, hosting, theme, plugins, website designer

Where can you start – Hostgator, Use Hostgator to create your website / Blog

3. Publish / Sell eBook

This one is for those who have serious writing aptitude. Pick up a topic, it can be anything under the sun, a sport, hobby, some technique anything that catches your fancy. Research it, read up on it, and write a book on it. In case you have a particular hobby or interest you can write up on that too. For those of you who like creating stories, fiction writing too is hot business.

The essential commodity here is aptitude for writing. If like me you hate writing long stuff, books are not for you. And if you love writing, this is the thing for you on internet. You can publish and sell eBook online independently or by working with companies like Amazon.

With the increasing use of Kindle, eBooks are becoming quite popular with the reading audience. Since an eBook does not require any investment, like printed version it translates into profits from day one.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Amazon offers a free service called Kindle Direct Publishing. The service allows anyone to self publish books on the Kindle (electronic) bookstore and earn royalties from sales.
  • There are two plans you can choose from — the 35% royalty works across any book sold in any country while the 70% royalty plans works if you sell in a few select countries. Indian authors can choose to set prices specifically for the Indian bookstore and receive royalty payments in Indian currency as well.


Earning potential – 5$ – 100$ per sale. Depending on how you price your eBook and how popular it gets.

Expertise Level required– Intermediate. Ideal for people who have passion for writing and researching. The more information you can pack into a book the better it will sell.

Investment required – NIL, you only need your laptop and an internet connection.

Where can you start – Amazon Publishing

4. Design/Sell App/ Theme

If you are a technical person with knowhow of designing, computer graphics etc, then here’s an opportunity for you to work from home. You can design and sell your own mobile or computer application (app). Also you can design and sell your own themes. Let’s look at both these options separately.

Designing application requires knowledge and understanding of the medium you choose to work with. Most of the applications are designed for mobiles nowadays, and amongst them also close to 80-90% application are designed to work with Android operating system. So to design your own app you need to be comfortable with this operating system. If this is the case, then you can research and find a good topic/need/utility for which you can design an app. Alternatively you can also design mobile games, which also sell like hot cakes nowadays.

Designing a theme for blog or website requires good knowledge of the different internet browsers. Most people access internet using Chrome browser, hence most themes are designed to be compatible with this browser, however if you are looking to make extra moolah, you can work on making your theme compatible with other browsers too. Also responsive themes are becoming more popular nowadays, these refer to themes that can adapt to the mobile phone browsers automatically, when a user access the website or blog from mobile phone. In case you do not have expertise on making a Word press theme, you can design HTML websites and sell them.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Once you make an app or theme, submit it to the respective app or theme store
  • Set a price for your app/theme.
  • You can choose to earn from inapp advertising in case of apps.
  • Theme or templates are sold and priced depending on the rights and features that are bundled with them.
  • Template Monster and Theme Forest, which act as a marketplace where you can sell your themes& HTML Templates or Scripts.


Earning potential – 10$ – 100$ per sale. Depending on how you price your apps/themes and how popular it gets.

Expertise Level required– For making money from this method, you need to have excellent technical skills. Thorough knowledge of designing will help you design a product which can inch ahead of competitors and thus maximize your profit.

Investment required – If you do not have the designing program then you need to invest in the same, otherwise this is investment free online money making method.

Where can you start – Template Monster, Theme Forest, Google Playstore.

5. Set your online store

This one is for those of you who have a businessman or a businesswoman hidden inside them. Setting a physical store entails enormous investment and resources, not to mention the various different permits etc. Online store is your solution to all these problems. No searching for location, no rental agreements, no worrying about security of your store, and no haggling with customers over money.

Online store is perfect for you if you are into making any product that you would like to sell or if you are resourceful enough to procure goods at cheaper price from elsewhere and sell them online at higher prices. Both these approaches work for an online store. If you can make or offer any kind of product or service, then online store is best way to market your talent.

Products sold online range from eatable goods like cakes, biscuits, and chocolates to decorative items like handicraft and much more. Services range from personal ones like parlor-at-home, to the more business oriented one’s like website designing and many more.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Decide the niche you want to work with, it can be anything from food to clothes.
  • Set up a product procurement line, you can either manufacture the product yourself, or source from elsewhere and upsell, or outsource the manufacturing.
  • Decide whether you want to start an independent online store, or register for one on sites likes eBay, which offer all the peripherals for online store under one roof.
  • In case you want to start an independent store, you will have to decide on a domain name, website design, find a developer; decide on payment mode you want to offer clients and much more. Finalize these details work on them and then get your store live online.
  • In case you want to setup a store quicker, you can register with sites like or etc. Both sites have a simple signup process. After you get verified as a seller, they provide you with a step-by-step wizard to set your online store
  • Once your store is lie, ad in the products you want to sell and start doing business.


Earning potential – Unlimited. Depending on how you price your products, and how popular it gets.

Expertise Level required– You need good business acumen to earn money from this technique. From choosing the right product, to pricing it well; and most importantly promoting your product in a manner to garner maximum sale; it’s all part of running a good online store.

Investment required – 50$ – 500$ you will need to invest in product procurement, and setting up of a product delivery channel at least. In case you decide to build your own store, then the investment rises significantly and will reach the upper limits of investment.

Where can you start – Template Monster, Theme Forest, Google Playstore

6. Sell photos online

This one is for all those who love their cameras. Whether you are a full time photographer or you moonlight as one, if you have photos that can speak out for themselves then internet is the best medium for you to express yourself.

There are numerous photo agencies online, which can help you earn a few bucks off your photos. This option is perfect for those with decent camera and with a knack for photography. Of course it is best not to post your personal photographs online; you can use your more generic photos for uploading. In case you choose to upload person photos (photos featuring any person, or persons) you need to ensure that you have informed the person/persons of your intention of uploading the photo online. Also make sure that they are ok with the uploading. You don’t want to end up with some irate subjects objecting to your photos online later on. Also you can do some research on image selling sites as which kind of images are sold maximum and then take idea from it as which type of images you should sell to make most money out of it.

Photos that you upload are used by blogs, websites, news agencies, and many more online media. Hence you can work with varying subjects ranging from inanimate to animate. Food photography is quite popular and equally popular is abstract photography.

Recently an India specific image website has been launched, this point to the growing interest of Indian audience in India specific online photos. So get your cameras clicking.

How to Make Money from This:

  • Pick up your camera and snap some good pictures.
  • Register at one or all of the popular photo sites like, shutterstock, shutterpoint, istockphoto, Fotolia, Dreamstime
  • Upload your photos. Most sites conduct moderation of new registration. Once the moderation is complete, if your photo meets their guideline you will be notified of the same. In some cases issues like poor camera quality etc, might cause rejection. However you will be notified of the reason for rejection as well.
  • Once your photos are accepted, you can setup the other account details, and voila your photos are ready to earn money for you.


Earning potential – 20% on non exclusive photos, upto 60 % for exclusive photos. Depending on how you well your photos sell. Also if you give exclusive rights of your photos to any particular website, you can earn better from them.

Expertise Level required– The better your photography skills, the better you can earn.

Investment required – Nil if you already have a camera or a Smartphone with high megapixel camera.

Where can you start – Shutterstock, Shutterpoint, istockphoto, Fotolia, Dreamstime

7. Online tutor / Webinar

Are you an expert in your subject or work area? Do people come to you to get their queries answered? Do you love sharing your knowledge with others? Do people love listening to your talk on your subject? Then online tutoring is for you. As internet is expanding, more and more products and services are coming online.

Online Tutoring is one such recent addition to the services offered online. If you have the knack for teaching others, but no place to do so, online tutoring is the thing for you. This allows you to tap into students spread across the country and the world. You don’t need to own/rent a premise, set up any infrastructure or bother about advertising your services.

Many online tutoring portals have opened up, where you only need to register and interested students will contact themselves. It’s a no hassle setup. Your payment is processed via the site itself. So whether you like teaching Physics or Dancing, online tutoring is your way to earn some extra bucks from your knowledge.

Webinar is a similar concept, wherein you speak about your area of interest and students or those interested can join in to listen to you. Webinar can be conducted live or taped and played for the audience later on. Live webinar often also go on to include a Q&A session for the audience to aid in better understanding of the topic.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Brush up on the subject you want to teach, or are currently teaching. If you are not currently, then work on gaining some comfort with computer, Internet and e-tutoring concept.
  • Prepare your teaching material. In case of recorded lectures, you can work on recording them at this stage.
  • Sign up on websites like 2tion.netor,, e-tutor, SmartThinking and as an online tutor
  • If you are looking to sell recorded course material, you can also look up sites like udemy, which provide excellent platform for trainers to sell their courses online.
  • Contact students yourself, or wait for interested students to reach out to you.
  • Conduct your training, tutoring or webinar and earn some moolah from your skills.


Earning potential – From 25 $ per hour to 500$ per course. You can choose to price your course or training as per your choice. However most websites do set a minimum pricing or per course, or per hour, below which you cannot set your price. The more popular your course the better you can earn.

Expertise Level required– Good communication skills are a must for this mode of online income. Also required is in-depth knowledge in your chosen area of tutoring.

Investment required – Nil. You are only going to be using your knowledge and communication skills.

Where can you start – or, e-tutor, SmartThinking and

8. Affiliate / Reseller

Affiliate links are gaining momentum in Indian markets. As more and more people get comfortable with online shopping the amount of stuff being brought and sold online is increasing by leaps and bounds. If you have brought or sold anything online, you will most likely be familiar with websites like, and many more. Each of these sites runs their own affiliate programs.

Joining these affiliate programs and then using them to earn some money online is becoming a very lucrative online activity. Since this requires no investment from your end it is something anybody can do. How these affiliate programs work is; you get an affiliate link, which you need to promote to your audience, whenever anybody buys any product via your affiliate link, you will earn a certain % of commission.

Every organization decides their own affiliate program, its features and commission percentages. To know more you need to carefully read the affiliate marketing documentation of the respective organization.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Choose the affiliate you want to work with. Or in case you want to become a Reseller, choose the product you want to work with
  • Register on the chosen website for becoming a affiliate/reseller
  • Get your affiliate/reseller link
  • Select where you will be promoting this link, it can be your blog, website, social media channel, anything
  • Promote your link as much as you can, and try to maximize conversion from your link.
  • The more products you sell the higher commission you make.
  • To know more read How you can make Rs 50,000/- p.m from Amazon India & How I made Rs 25,000 in a month from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing


Earning potential – 1% to 15% of the MRP of products in case of affiliate. Reseller programs offer higher commission in range of 40-50% of their MRP.

Expertise Level required– You don’t really need any expertise for this, although a good knowledge of how consumers make purchase online will help. The more sales you can garner the better will be your income.

Investment required – Nil. All you need to do is promote the affiliate/reseller link. Actual product will be shipped and delivered by the original company only.

Where can you start –  Commission Junction or Click Bank have a large pool of products that you can choose from to become reseller of. You can also look for Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal affiliate Programs

9. Buy/Sell Domains & (Flipping)

Domains are what make the internet. Every website you come across, every blog you read (independently owned) has a domain name – i.e. the website’s address. For example my domain name is ‘’.

Since domains are the online identity of every website buying and selling of domains is a big business in itself. Generally if I want to start a new website, I will think of a name for it, then go on internet and search with the major domain registrar about the availability of the domain. If the domain is available i.e. it is not owned by anybody else I can buy it at really low price of a few $’s.

How you can make money out of this. Well it’s a simple process. You will need two things though, money to invest and research skills. Think up of some really cool domain names and check them out on the internet, you will find that the domain names have already been taken, in some cases they might be available for sale but at significantly high process. What you need to do is think up some domain names that you think others might be interested in sooner or later. You then check on internet to see if these domains are available. If you get lucky and they are available, then you need to buy and get these domains registered on your name. Now it’s time to sell the domain at higher price! You can either wait for a potential buyer to come to you or you can reach out to them. Either way, if you find an interested buyer, you can choose to sell the domain to them at any price you want. Final pricing will depend on the buyer’s keenness to get the domain.

You can also take part in Domain auctions and you can put your domain for sell at a certain price. Godaddy has this facility; you can register with Godaddy Auctions with $4.99 annual fees. The benefit here is that you don’t need to find people to buy your domain, Godaddy will help people find the domain you own and buy from you.

I myself have some odd 250 domains with me which I sell and make profits 🙂 some of them are ,, etc

At times you might have difficulty coming up with good domains that aren’t booked. In such scenarios you can keep a lookout for expired domains. Different registrars offer ‘expired domain services'. Once something lucrative comes in the market you can snap it up, and then get on with selling it.

This money making activity has no upper limit on the earnings, however since it requires investment in terms of purchase price and often the holding price of the domain, it’s an activity for those with spare cash and experience in domain selling.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Study and research the domain market. To start with choose a niche you are comfortable with, so that you can be confident about your domain buying/selling decisions.
  • Register on domain flipping sites, and keep your eyes on the expired domains that come in the market.
  • Think of Famous Celebrities, Products, Services, Events, People, Businesses or Brands who are getting popularity recently, you can book those domains.
  • Once you have found a domain you like, book it, and get tits registration transferred.
  • Now your domain is yours to sell. Either reach out to potential buyers yourself, or wait for a buyer to reach out to you. When you find the right buyer, sell at maximum profit.


Earning potential – Unlimited. The lower you buy, and higher you sell the more money you can make.

Expertise Level required – Good research skills and business acumen is required. If you can sniff a deal from far away then this is the business for you.

Investment required – 10$ – 100$, depending on the domain you are buying. The more you invest the more your earning potential. However make sure to invest in the right domains, or you can lose all your investment too.

Where can you start –,,

10. Freelancing / Virtual Assistant

How much one can earn from Freelancing? – As high as $40 per hour to as low as $0.50 per hour

If you have any skill using which you can offer services online then freelancing is for you. Many professionals have taken to internet to earn some extra income. Internet is full of people looking for somebody to do something as complex as developing a software or something as simple as data entry for them. There is no dearth of job for freelancers online.

In case you have no specific saleable skill, so long as you are willing to work you can also earn money online by working as virtual assistant to people. There are many people who are looking for people to act as their assistant; this entails doing jobs like handling calls, emails doing repetitive task, organizing and much more. The scope of virtual assistants is quite wide. The benefit here being that neither you (VA) nor the person hiring you needs to come to any office or meet or travel anywhere. You can perform the allotted task from the convenience of your home itself.

The amount of money you can earn from freelancing/VA will depend completely on your expertise level and your experience. More experienced professionals charge higher rates, and are more in demand. You can fix your own rate on per hour or per project basis, after negotiating the same with the hirer. There are many websites which you can join as a freelancer/VA. These sites not only help you find job, but also streamline the payment process for you.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Register on the Freelancing sites, and upload your details, including the skill set you are look to freelance for.
  • Most freelancing sites offer some free & paid test, which you can give, to get your skills rated. These test help boost your credibility for hirers.
  • Decide how much and how you want to charge for your skills. You can choose to charge on per hour/ per day or per project basis. Also if you have a couple of different skills you are looking to freelance for, you can choose different pricing for each of the skills.
  • Hirers post jobs on these portals. Pricing for some jobs is fixed by the hirer, for most others freelancers bid. You too can join the bidding for jobs suiting your skill set.
  • In some cases hirers might approach you directly, if you have excellent work skills or job reputation.
  • Get working and earn from your skills.


Earning potential – Unlimited. The higher your expertise level, the more you can charge on per hour basis. Also your bidding skills will determine how well you can earn. Make sure to maintain clean reputation, as this affects hirer’s choice.

Expertise Level required– From beginner to expert everybody can earn money from this channel .However the amount of money earned will depend on your expertise level. More proficient you are the higher you can earn.

Investment required – Nil. Registration on freelancing sites is free. When you get paid for a project, the site deducts its commission from your payment itself.

Where can you start – Elance, rentacoder, freelancer, odesk,

11. Upload how to videos earn from YouTube

This one is for all of you out there who have something to say to the world. Maybe you like drawing and would like to share drawing tips with other, or maybe you are a DIY project fan and would like to share your work with others. Whatever it maybe, if you have something to share with others, there is no reason you should have to do it for free. After all knowledge is power. Right!

So how can you earn from your sharing. If you like writing then as we discussed before, blogging is the medium for you. But if you like making videos or are more comfortable with a camera than a keyboard, then videos are perfect for you. Make a video of whatever you want to share and upload it online to the various video sharing portals. YouTube is the most popular one in India, but there are others you can opt for as well. Once you have uploaded the video, you can sign up for Adsense, and Google will display ads on to bottom of your video and sometimes in between, at beginning or at end of your video. Depending on the ad type you will get paid when any viewer either views the ad for specified time, or clicks on the ad.

In order to earn money from this method it is important that you own the video. You cannot earn money by uploading any videos that you don’t have ownership of. Earning from this method depends on the number of views you get. The more popular your video becomes the more views you will get and the more you can earn from the videos. There is no limit to the number of videos you can upload online, so you can upload as many videos as you want and monetize each one of them.

So what are you waiting for , think of some fantastic Idea and start working on it, once your Video goes viral, you will make money like anything.

What better than sharing your knowledge and earning for it too!

How to Make Money from this:

  • Create an account for yourself on the video sites like, YouTube, Flixya, MediaFlix, Vimeo etc.
  • Pick up your video camera and start shooting. Whatever your talent, and topic, there are viewers for everything online. Make sure your video’s image and sound quality are good.
  • Shoot, edit and upload your videos on 2/3 video sites at least. Fill in all the relevant details about your video. Pay special attention to explaining what exactly your video is about.
  • Make your video live, and enable ads on them.
  • As the viewership of your video rises, so will your earning from the ads displayed on your video.


Earning potential – 1$ to 1000$ per month. Popularity of your video determines your earning potential. The more viewers you get, the better you earn. There is no upper limit to the amount of money you can earn from this channel.

Expertise Level required– All you need is basic video skills. If you can hold and shoot with a decent camera and you have something worth sharing via videos. You are set to earn from this channel.

Investment required – Nil. Uploading video on these sites is free.

Where can you start –  YouTube.

12. Write for others/ iWriter

Here’s one for you if you are bitten by the writing bug. For those with passion for writing, blogging is a great option; equally interesting option is writing and publishing eBooks. However if neither of these options gets your blood roaring then here’s another option for you – Writing for others. Words are the basic medium of communication even on internet, so there is no dearth of writing jobs.

From websites, to blogs everybody is looking for a great writer. If you have interest in writing and can write on topics given by others then you can make good amount of money online. Correct grammar, engaging style and an understanding of the audience is what most people are looking for in writers.

If you fit the bill then you can join a number of sites to earn from your skill. From freelancing sites to sites, specifically dedicated to writers, there are many options for you to choose from. When writing you can choose to become a specialist in some specific niche, for example a person with interest in travelling, might choose to take up writing work for travel related stuff only. Or if you prefer variety then you can keep it open by saying that you can write on anything under the sun.

Writers usually charge on word basis, and the charges vary depending on the writer’s expertise, article length and quality of article. Most important factor you will have to pay attention is deadlines. Usually people ordering articles will give you a topic or keyword on which they want the article written, specify its length (number of words) and the time limit by which they want the article. It is very important that you deliver right quality and in time to gain repeat business.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Register yourself on the sites, for a free account. Make sure to fill in all the relevant details. Some sites also offer you the option to upload some of your past work. Utilize this option.
  • Brush up your writing skills, and decide how much, and how you want to charge. Generally writers charge on per word basis, but many writers also choose to keep a fixed charge for 500 words, and then charge on per word or per 100 word basis. It’s all up to you.
  • Wait for job, or approach hirers who list their work requirement on these sites.
  • Once you get a job, complete it within the timeline, and ensure you deliver quality work.
  • Your payment will be released once your hirer accepts your work.


Earning potential – 5$ – 40$ per 500 words. Depends on your writing skills, the complexity of the topic, and the amount of research required to write the article.

Expertise Level required– Excellent writing skills, command over the language and grammar. Good researching skills. Good understanding of the topic on which you write, without understanding your writing will lack depth and will earn you less than experts.

Investment required – Nil. Registration on the sites is free. Once you are paid for your work, the sites will deduct their commission upfront before paying you.

Where can you start –  iWriter

13. Online Marketing (SEO/SEM)

This one is for those of you who are looking to explore the potential of earning money online fully. Online marketing is an expanding field of work in India. Every website, blog, every online entity needs marketing.

World of Internet is akin to our physical word in many ways. Both have advertisements, both have the task of engaging audience, both are looking to convert audience in business, both are competing with various other brands in same space, and much more. This makes it imperative that every brand, website, blog owner who is looking to create and register a presence on the internet undertake online marketing to some extent.

You can be one of the online marketers who provide these online marketing services to the numerous websites and blogs out there. As the number of internet users in India grows so will the scope of online marketing in the country. Hence this is a hot field to be in right now. However online marketing is a business in its own right, and hence requires serious dedication and time to pursue.

If you are interested in earning money via online marketing, you will have to get trained in the basics and advance concepts of this industry. Also it’s best if you get some practical work experience in one of the online marketing agencies. This will prepare you better for handling your own in this business.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Learn Online Marketing from an expert.
  • Practice to perfect your practical knowledge. Work for at least 6 months in the industry to know the ins and out of the work.
  • If you are looking to launch your own independent venture, then book a domain, design a website and launch your own services. You can also opt for a softer approach by registering on freelancing sites, and starting with smaller projects until you are sure enough of handling the big stuff.
  • Decide the pricing of your services; keep an eye on the industry pricing to get a base on which to plan your pricing and service offering.
  • Work on promoting your service, and gaining clients.
  • Work on and execute projects, make sure to deliver the client what you promised.
  • Get paid and keep honing your skills. Always stay updated with the industry happening. Work on getting more clients.


Earning potential – 50$ – 1000$ per month per project. Your earning potential depends on the complexity of the project and your expertise level. The more well versed you are in your job the bigger and more complex projects you can take on. Thus increasing your earning potential.

Expertise Level required–Excellence in your field, will maximize your earning potential.

Investment required – As with any profession, this one too requires some investment in from of certain software’s and hardware’s you will need to purchase in order to work on your projects. Investment in these will start from 50$ and can go up to 1000’s$ depending on the software’s you choose to pick up.

Where can you start – My site ( I offer professional SEO Training), Freelancer

14. Selling own brand/ Designing

This one is for all those who have their creative juices flowing. If you have a designer hiding inside of you, nothing like Internet to bring it out. You can create your own brand, sell your designs and earn money from it too. Without the need to open a store, or actually hawk your wares on street corners!

Internet is full of quirky stuff and people. If you have a flair for designing cool images or designs, here a way for you to make money off it. Create your designs and upload them onto numerous sites that work with designers. These sites will then use your image on t-shirt, bags, books, calendar, poster anything. You name it they do it. When the company makes sale of the product featuring your design, it will pay you a commission for your artwork. Isn’t it cool! For all those of you who have a repertoire of designs but not place to showcase them, Internet is your best medium.

Not only will it allow your artwork to get some exposure, it will also help you earn some bucks off your talent.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Collect your art work and head over to the sites which will help you make money off it. Register on these sites; fill in all your details.
  • Upload your artwork; make sure it adheres to the site guidelines. Most sites do not accept pornographic and violent artwork.
  • Promote your artwork to your friends, acquaintance and motivate them to buy it, or wait for buyers to come to you.
  • Once you make a sale, the site will pay you as per agreement.
  • Make sure to keep adding to your artwork, to gain more and more sales. Also when designing try to keep a check on the market pulse. If retro designs are more in fashion, try to include a couple of those in your work, this will bring in more sale and money for you.


Earning potential – 10-50% on the MRP of your designs, this depends on whether you share your work with one website exclusively, or with a bunch of websites.

Expertise Level required– Good designing skills, and an acute knowledge of what’s selling in the market.

Investment required – Nil. It’s all about your skill. Registration on the site is free.

Where can you start –  Cafepress, Lulu and Zazzle

15. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace. And all type of services is sold here. Right from the very technical like website designing to the very simple like ‘dog poses photo’ everything sells on Fiverr. If you have anything you want to sell, Fiverr is the place for you to be. This marketplace if for anybody looking to make money online.

The list of services selling on Fiverr is quite long, but to lend you an idea, here are a couple of them:

  • Online marketing services
  • Article writing services
  • Music making services
  • Personalized photo’s
  • Logo making services and much more.

So if you have any specific money making skill, or just any idea that you think you can sell to people, Fiverr if your place to be. The best part is that at Fiverr everything sells for 5$, so you do not have compete on price with other sellers. Though you will be facing competition over your service quality, amount etc. Also Fiverr has their own payment system, so you don’t need to bother with whether the buyer will pay you or not, or dupe you of your dues. Fiverr deducts the amount from the buyer, when he/she purchases the service, and adds the amount to your account as soon as the buyer has successfully marked your order completed.

Also there is a redressel forum in place, wherein you can file a complaint against any buyers you feel has been unfair to you in terms of work or payment.

How to Make Money from this:

  • Register online at Fiverr for a account, its free
  • Update your profile with all the relevant details, it is essential that your profile has every required detail. Also write a good bio about yourself. These point influence buyers, when they choose to work with you. Every buyer likes to know who they are paying their money to.
  • Upload your service. Be precise and very clear when explaining your services, you do not want to cause any confusion to buyers. You can also offer the buyers to ask you questions before buying the service in order to avoid any miscommunication.
  • Set your price, and upload a good image for your service.
  • Wait for orders to come your way. There is no bidding system on this portal, so you have to wait for orders to come your way. As you get enough order, you will also be able to apply for work posted by buyers.
  • Once you have order, communicate with the buyer about the details. Get to work and make sure to deliver the order in the set time limit. Timely delivery and prompt communication are very important on Fiverr.
  • Once your work has been accepted by the buyer, you will be paid in your Fiverr account. As your payment reaches a threshold limit you can withdraw money from Fiverr to your preferred bank account.
  • Read more at How you can make Rs 24,000 in a month from Fiverr


Earning potential – 5$ to 100$ per order. As you reach level 2, you can offer add on for your services, and these can be priced to any multiples of 5$, hence sky is the limit for you.

Expertise Level required – Whatever you are selling, be the best in it that will attract buyers to you. Also ensure that you keep a track of what’s selling more on Fiverr and adapt yourself accordingly.

Investment required – Nil. It’s all about your skill. Registration on the site is free.

Where can you start –  Fiverr

Hope you found this post useful, please leave your questions and comments below.

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