How to make Rs 50,000/- in 30 days from Amazon India Affiliate Program

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Amazon Associates Program

In my post about Flipkart affiliate, I shared with you the Step by Step process on how you can make Rs 24,983.94/- in a month from Flipkart Affiliate. In this post I will show you how to make money from Amazon Affiliate Program in India.

I make money online every month using Amazon affiliate program, its simple, easy to use and pays well. How well? You might ask. Last month I made Rs 47,598.10/- using Amazon Affiliate Program so I would say it pays pretty well. Checkout my Amazon affiliate earning screenshot below.

amzon india affiliates

Can you too make this kind of money from Amazon Affiliate Program? YES YOU CAN.

I am going to show you the step by step process, which you can follow to make this much and much more money from Amazon Affiliate program; also you should read how You can increase your income & easily make $40,000 in a year.

Since Amazon is still relatively lesser known brand in India, let's start with a brief look at what exactly is Amazon.

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What is Amazon?

Amazon is an online shopping site. It was founded in 1994 in United States by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is a worldwide leader in e-commerce and offers online retail, digital content, computing services, consumer electronics and much more. If you have never heard or seen it, here’s a link to the site –

Amazon was started as an online book store (same as Flipkart) but soon diversified into various other consumer products. It has individual website catering to various counties like for UK and for India etc.

amazon-affiliateNotice Amazon’s logo above, it’s simple and clean. See the yellow line in the logo that goes from A to Z , that’s designed to depict a smile . What’s more the smile also signifies that Amazon philosophy, that the company is happy to deliver everything to everyone, everywhere in the world. A philosophy that’s helped Amazon reach out to all corners of the world.

What you will learn –

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • How you can earn Rs 50,000+ per month from Amazon Affiliate
  • How to find a Profitable Niche
  • How to create a Niche Website and How to Promote it
  • Amazon Affiliate Program Sign up Process
  • Most Important – My Successes Mantras

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is big business worldwide. To earn well from Amazon Affiliate's India Program, you need to have good understanding of what is affiliate marketing.

Knowledge of affiliate marketing will help you gain better understanding of the process and provide you with the much required confidence that YOU can make money from affiliate marketing.

Also this understanding will help you in finding the appropriate affiliate marketing opportunities in your area. Let me put the concept of affiliate marketing in very simple words here.

Affiliate marketing for you; is a way of making money by selling or promoting other companies products and services for commission.


Affiliate Marketing is simply selling someone else’s services or products and in return, you get paid a commission for doing the sales.

How you can earn Rs 50,000+ per month from Amazon Affiliate program

To earn money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you will require certain resources. This will require some investment from your end, in terms of money and time. However rest assured that your investment will be recovered in a very short span of time.

For making money from Amazon affiliate Program each month you need to have these things –

  • Profitable Niche or Segment – This is the topic on which you will be creating your website or blog and you will be selling products related to this topic via the Amazon Affiliate Marketing program.
  • Domain & Hosting – To create your blog/website on and host it at.
  • A blog or a website – To write about the topic, and its related products. This is where your sales will come from. I use Ultimate Azon Theme to build my niche affiliate sites, check it out here.
  • Quality Content – It is essential in order to get people to your blog/website and motivate them to make purchase via your affiliate link.
  • High rankings in Google – This will help you reach out to more buyers
  • Traffic which converts – People visiting your blog/website should purchase the product you are selling.

How to find a profitable Niche

Finding the right Niche to work with is very crucial. Your niche forms the base of your entire money making operation from Amazon Affiliate, hence it is very important to get this right.This is the idea generation stage where you will need to research, analyze and find the most profitable segment for your website.

Follow these steps to find profitable niche for your website/blog–

  • Go to Amazon website and browse through the various different departments listed on it.
  • List down all the departments in which you have some knowledge or skills.


How to find Niche for Amazon Affiliate 1


  • Within each department there are many categories of products. Drill down these categories and list your chosen categories that you are comfortable working with.
  • Find how much commission Amazon offers on these selected Categories.




  • List down these commission % against the categories you have chosen.
  • Now lets go back to the amazon website and drill down each of your chosen categories.
  • Navigate to your chosen Category, on this page you will be able to see ‘Bestsellers' mentioned next to the category name. This will help you find the best selling products in this category, if buyers already love a certain product, it will be easy for you to sell it too. So click on Bestsellers and we will try to narrow down the products further.


  • On this page, you will be able to see 3 different sections labelled as -Bestsellers, Hot New Releases, Movers & Shakers. You need to focus on 2 of the sections, namely Bestsellers; which lists most popular products in this category based on sales numbers & Hot new releases; which lists the best selling new and future products in this category.


  • Study both these sections and you will get some great product ideas to play with. Look for products with high MRP and lots of reviews. Higher the MRP more the commission % you can earn and more the reviews more popular is the product. You can choose to work with any one product listed in these sections, or work with a bunch of products listed here.
  • The benefit of working with products listed in either of these sections is that, you already have product popularity on your side. You know buyers like these products and are more inclined to buy them over other products in the same category.
  • At this stage you can chose to work with 1 or many products, or with a complete category as a whole. You have done all this research in order to find a profitable niche that will earn you good amount of affiliate money. So in order to take the final call, you will need to look in at a few more points.
  • You need to find what is the current competition for your chosen product? Are there any current popular sites about your chosen product or category?
  • How many monthly searches are happening in Google for your chosen product or category?
  • Can you write quality content on your chosen product or category?

Once you filter your segment using this, you will have some profitable niche on which you can launch a website/blog.

Below is the list of some good niche sites –

  • Baby Diapers
  • Body Building
  • Smart Phones
  • Best Laptops
  • Weight loss
  • Maternity
  • Kids growth

How to create a Niche Website and How to promote it

Step 1: Book a Domain

After you finalize your niche,now its time to book a domain. You can choose a generic name or find a keyword rich domain that’s upto you. There are pro and con of either type of domain, its your call which type of domain you are comfortable working with. I prefer going for a keyword rich domain.

I use to book my domains, as I find their service quite efficient and hassle free an you can get domains at as low as Rs 99/- for a whole year.

Step 2: Buy Hosting

Once your domain is in place, now you need a good hosting service. I suggest working with either Hostgator or Bluehost hosting. Both of them offer good quality. I use Hostgator for my website hosting and I never faced any issues with them.

I strongly recommend working with WordPress to create your 1st blog. WordPress is very user friendly and has tons of helpful plugins to make your blog easy to manage.

Step 3: Create your WordPress Blog

Now its time to get WordPress blog up and running. You can follow the video below video for step by step instructions on how to create a WordPress Blog.

Step 4: Content Creation

With your blog ready, it now needs filling up. You need to add quality content to your blog. For this you 1st need to find topics on which to write on.

You can take help of Google auto suggest or which will provides you with popular keyword suggestions which you can use to design topics to write on.

Try to design most of your content on topics/questions buyers would ask/ research before buying the particular product you have chosen to work with. When answering the question ensure that your conclusion are very clear and precise.

You need to make your thoughts and choice on the topic clear. Most potential buyers are looking for answers, and decisions. You content should never end by saying ‘ You can choose to buy either product A or product B'; it should always end by saying ‘ I would suggest buying product B'; give a clear decision at end of the content.

Some content ideas for you:

  • 5 things you need to know before you buy  Product A
  • Review of Product A
  • Comparison between Product A and B

If you are not very good at content writing you can hire good content writers from sites like or

If you choose to do a single product based niche site, the biggest advantage you have is in terms of content. You don’t have to spend lot of time in creating content. Create 8-10 pages of good content; after that you can concentrate all your efforts in promoting the website.

Step 5: Promote your Website/Blog

To promote your blog put Social Sharing buttons in your blog and ask your audience to share it; as I am asking you to share this post .  Go and share this valuable post on all the social media to give your social friends value and knowledge.

Use Free as well as paid methods to promote your niche website. For Niche website it is important to rank in search engine hence you will have to spend good amount of time doing SEO for your niche website and once it ranks on top for the keywords you will make good amount of money every month.

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When to Scale Your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Business By Doug Cunnington

Amazon Affiliate Program Sign up Process

Watch my video below to learn how you too can sign-up for Amazon India's Affiliate Marketing Program. The process is quite simple and will require only 10 minutes of your time.

You can go on to complete your sign up.

Also you can check out the tools i use to get success – Click to check My Money Making Machines .

My Successes Mantras

Below are the things which you need to keep in mind while creating a niche website; these will help you increase your conversion rate so that you can earn more money from it.

  1. Below are my tips on how to make money from Amazon Affiliate, these are the things which I realized that one needs to know and follow if he wants to make good money from Amazon.
  2. Always remember affiliate marketing is not pure selling; visitors know amazon website and they can buy from it directly; why they have come to your website and not gone to amazon is because they need some help / guidance / recommendation as to which would be the right product for them. Hence make sure you help them in your content.
  3. Create content which adds value to the buyer; if he/she is able to make a decision after reading your post; he/she will surely buy products using your buy button.
  4. The best way to make money from Amazon affiliate is to compare main product with 2-3 other products which people usually stuck when they make a buying call. Compare and show them how the main product is better and if you are successful in doing so; you will get the sale.
  5. People like to take opinion on products before they buy anything, if it’s possible to get reviews on site that will increase conversions.
  6. Don’t make false claims just to sell your product; if you are not confident about the product; you won’t be able to sell it; hence choose a product which is really good and you can recommend it with full confidence instead making false claims about a product to make it sell.
  7. At times you may feel low as you are not making money but always remember that Winners never quit and quitters never win.
  8. Traffic is the most import factor in making money from affiliate programs; hence you have to make sure you promote your website in all possible ways; use SEO and Social media to its fullest extent.
  9. Links within text gets you maximum conversions when you compare it with a banner ad or buy button; hence I recommend using contextual links more.
  10. You need to be very careful when you choose your topic; choose topics which are pre-buying. If you choose topics which are related to post buying then there are very less chances that you will make any money. Eg. Which one to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo or Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM? Will convert more than how to take better pictures with Samsung S3 Neo
  11. During Diwali or any festival sales goes up hence make sure you do heavy promotion during these days as conversion ratios is always high at such times.
  12. Make sure you only put affiliate links of the products which are highly relevant to our post otherwise it will be opportunity lost.

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My Latest Source of Income: The Amazon Affiliate Program

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