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FollowingLike Review

In the age of social media and technology, everyone is online 24/7.  Everyone have active accounts on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and spend a lot of time online, liking other posts, sharing posts they like, commenting on interesting posts and uploading their own posts. Individual accounts are easy to maintain and operate but this scenario changes when one owns a business and uses social networking platforms to reach out to the target customers.

Any business today needs to have online presence at multiple platforms and it becomes a daunting task when it needs to be managed and promoted. Big businesses can do this easily by hiring an agency or a full time staff but that's not the case with small businesses. If you have a small business and are not able to keep track of social media buzz about your business, especially the criticism that might be mounted against your business, it will have a huge impact on your business.

So, how to handle this situation? You need a tool that can manage all your social media accounts.

Need to know about that magic tool? look no further! FollowingLike, A revolutionary tool for social network marketing serves the purpose well. It helps you manage thousands of accounts round the clock and helps you to do any activity without any fuss.

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What Exactly Is FollowingLike?

FollowingLike is a desktop based software that helps to automate all of your social network marketing efforts like follow, unfollow, comment, pin, unpin, share etc. Simply put, it works well to grow your social media marketing in the following platforms

1) Facebook

2) Instagram

3) Pinterest

It has three buying options based on the number of accounts you want to manage

1) Single Account – One time purchase for $49

2) Five Accounts – One time purchase for $79

3) Unlimited accountscomes with one time fee of $299

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What Are It's Features?

Some of the major features of this tool are

1) Multiple accounts management – You can manage multiple accounts across social networks

2) Task Scheduling – Automation of tasks is easier as you can schedule your posts, likes etc.

3) Proxy Management – Proxy manager helps to save your account from bans

4) Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest activity manager – Almost all activities across these networks can be done without much human intervention though it will appear to be a manual operation.

What Are It's Special Features?

Though this software performs many functions like account management, follow, unfollow, pin, unpin, share, like, unlike etc., it has got a few special features –

Proxy Binding

It has a proxy binding feature where you can assign a dedicated proxy to an account. This help you not to lose the account due to IP issues.

Content Scraping

Though this cannot be exactly called as a scraping function, this tool gives you an option to gather content across your feeds, rss that can be used to automatically grow your accounts.

Content Spinning

FollowingLike also has a function to spin your content and post them into multiple accounts. This is really good to automate your content marketing efforts in social media.

You can checkout below video on how it works


  • This is THE tool to automate all your social marketing activities and eventually helps you expand your business and customer base.
  • It doesn't use API based connections so your accounts are almost 100% safe.
  • Almost human like social media operations can be simulated when compared to its competitors. 


  • No free trial to test the software
  • Social media platforms like Google+, Twitter etc are not integrated yet.


When you have a business to take care and need an effective social media marketing tool to spread the word and make it famous on all the social networking sites, FollowingLike is the right tool for you and with all the offers that are running around, FollowingLike will never be a bad purchase for you!

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