Long Tail Pro Review

long tail proLong Tail Pro Review

There are a number of keyword research software in the market, but Long Tail Pro remains the complete keyword research and competitor analysis software that helps you nail the competition with right keywords with perfect analysis about them. It is not a hidden secret that perfect SEO strategy starts with right keywords. LTP goes a long way in proving that to perfection.

In SEO business, a well written content goes a long way only when it contains the right keywords targeted in a right way. But just targeted keyword might not be enough to get the traffic, it should be aided with lots of long tail keywords in order to maximize that. So, why should one prefer LTP over other keyword research software? Let’s discuss them in this long tail pro review below.

Faster search results for multiple seed keywords

Most other tools are designed to search for one keyword at a time, but Long Tail Pro will let you input multiple seed keywords in combination at a time and generates 800 results at one go at breathtaking speed thus saving your precious time.

Preset filters

There are options to preset filters like CPC or length of keywords so that you can eliminate or include in your search results. For example, it allows you to set criteria such as keywords with minimum number of searches or maximum CPC etc. You can also save your settings to avoid duplication of work. This is a boon when you want to target a keyword in a specific manner.

Keyword Competitiveness Score

It is one of the most important and a handy feature that takes a lot of headache out of marketers when it comes to deciding the effectiveness of a keyword. This software analyzes factors like whether a keyword is in the title, page rank of competitors, their backlinks and its effectiveness etc and gives you a definitive score called keyword competitiveness score. Normally a KC score of 30 or less is considered to be a good score to try ranking your websites for your selected keywords.

Checking your rankings

Just not the analysis, this software also has a feature that helps you to check your rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo for your target keyword.

Compatibility and Trial

LTP comes with a ten day free trial to check out its efficiency in doing your job in a more effective manner. It works well on popular operating systems like Mac and Windows. It also allows you to install it in up to three computers in one license. Please make a note that you are required to have Adobe Air to run this software which can be downloaded online for free.


Long Tail Platinum version Monthly Plan comes in $25 Click here to start your Trial



Long Tail Pro is a powerful and popular keyword search software that enables its users to generate thousands of long tail keywords in a short span. It is capable of finding the EMD domains and shows your ranking on all major search engines.  With its simple and user friendly interface, this is the best software you could keep your hands on without any disappointment when you are looking for those money minting long tails!

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