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Hi there, Jon Haver here. In today’s post I am going to talk about how to make money from a niche website. There are many ways to go about doing this but for me, I have had the most success following these steps.

Find a Topic Personal to You

Most of us are taught to “think big” when brainstorming profitable ideas. But when choosing a niche to build your website around, begin with what’s up close and personal. I recommend making a list of your immediate problems, passions, bodies of knowledge, and fears, going so far as to “check your internet history (and) identify sites that you recently visited and list them.”

The goal is not for the web entrepreneur to pick out niche website concept right away, but to create a working basis for examining which niche will highlight your creativity and abilities. Ideally you will find a group of topics in which all four categories are applicable to you: a problem, fear, passion, and knowledge.

Finally, define what makes your website special by combining ideas. A good trick is to think “Hollywood” style with a one-line pitch. Simple and bold is effective!

  • Advanced Tip – Focus on picking a PROBLEM that you can help solve. Picking a general interest niche will be harder to monetize later!

Keyword Research

Keywords are an important way to produce an initial flow of search results to your site. First, try visiting other websites that have inspired or informed you on your path to starting up, and outline key pages and words. Ask yourself, which pages will be of most use to my customers?

You also want to look at the first page of Google for some of the keywords you are thinking about for each niche on your list. Are there big authority sites or are there sites that you think you can beat? If not then you may want to look at a few more keywords in that niche or you may want to look into other niches.

Got your site map all set, ready to go out and beat the competition? Not so fast, keyword research is the number-one concern for Micro-Niche Sites, meaning that the smaller the niche, the more important it is to grab available search results. But for a niche with larger scope, usefulness is more important. If the visitors to my website are looking for a piece of content that I have no chance of ranking for, I will still include it on my site to improve the website's usefulness.

  • Advanced Tip – If you picked a problem you will solve with your site focus on keywords where the content you create around that keyword will be able to help solve the problem!

Build Your Site Wisely

You will need to have several things in place to launch a website of your own – a domain name, a host, server support and a design or theme for your site. Of all of these, choosing a domain name is first and might be the most crucial – though you can’t operate a site without the other stuff!

Try to avoid picking a direct-hit name (called an “exact match domain” or “EMD”) like “,” but do try to nab a dot-com address if possible. If you can’t, dot-org and dot-net are the top alternatives. Also, don’t bother to spend more than $10 a year on a worthwhile domain name. If a provider tries to talk you into spending more, they’re pulling your chain (and your domain).

If you are using software such as WordPress, try picking out a theme that’s simple. It doesn’t need to be a paid theme, it could be a free theme that WordPress already has. however if you wish to go for a paid theme you can visit Elegant themes or Themeforest and you can get good themes here, they also have some good free themes which you can use.

Never stop learning! Being your own website boss is a multi-layered challenge. At some point, you may want to walk through a tutorial or two on using your creative graphic design talents in a web-friendly way.

Article Creation

Be wordy! It takes around 10,000 words to really get a website up and clicking – perhaps 1-2  4000-word beast articles on your homepage, plus at least eight articles of 1000 words each. This will let search engines such as Google and Yahoo know that you mean business.

Start identifying keywords as early as possible, which can then be modeled into recurrent headlines that increase your search hits. An example would be the phrase “Best Running Shoes.” Several headlines can be worked around the main theme: Running Shoes For Men, Flat Footed Running Shoes, or Increased Run Stamina.

Are you nervous creating first-impression content? You can always outsource for freelance content on the web, through sites like Iwriter and UpWork.

Link Building

The number of links to your site from other sites will play a crucial role in your website’s growth. Google, for instance, uses the number of backlinks (as well as other things) to ranks urls. From my experience, two major contributing factors in the Google ranking algorithm is a sites Trust Flow (TF) ranking and the number and quality of referring IPs (backlinks).

When doing outreach to other sites, show off links from around your entire site. When two websites only cross-promote one another’s homepage, this leads to great click-results on the homepages, but poor click “equity” for other pages. Take the time to promote all of your pages, and the rankings will be kind to you.

One of the suggestions that I give to my viewers is to use a PBN, or Public Blog Network, to get backlinks to your site. PBNs when built correctly can help to bring quality backlinks to your site which will help to increase your sites Trust Flow and in turn will improve your rankings. There are many conceptions that PBNs are risky, that is true, but so is everything else you do with your site. You have to weigh the risk vs the rewards. My Done For You PBN service has had less than a 10% de-index rate, which is exceptional. With the use of PBNs, you can have sites created in the same niche as you and get backlinks to your site from it. This will provide your site with quality, relevant links.

Checkout more in how you can rank your site with PBNs

Review Your Backlinks

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect niche, authored or acquired attractive content, invested wisely in building your site, and now you’re wondering how to take things to the next level. I get a lot of emails asking “So, how many backlinks would I really need to get on the front page of Google?”.

Well, that depends on your niche! I recommends a four-step process in trying to surpass your competition in search-engine hits. The steps include identifying keywords to rank for, identifying your top competitors, identifying how large the backlink gap is which stands in your way, and then pursuing a combination of guest or sponsored content and PBN networking to improve your numbers. You can find out more about the backlink analysis process here.

So if you do your keyword homework, create great content, and run up the backlink score on your competition, your little niche website might just become a cornerstone of the web.

If you think you need help in building your first niche site then you must check out this service.

Happy site building!
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