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How to Make your Blog - Part 6

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In the previous post we had a look at 34 essential plugins your blog needs ranging from plugins for security to those for enhancing the blog functionality and much more. In this part we will be looking at the technical aspects of making your blog live. Most new bloggers find

Learn How to Become a Blogger and Make Money

You are here on a blog and reading about blogging basics, so I can safely assume that you are looking to start a blog or are at least curious about the whole blog and blogging concept. So let’s first address your curiosity. Blogs are just like journals or diaries

Domain & Hosting Selection - How to Start a Blog - Part 2

In last part we had a look at the Process of Niche selection. It is the first step in making your own blog, and I hope now you are ready with the niche in which you want to create your blog. Today we will be looking at factors that

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing – Earn Money using Facebook

You must have shopped ample times on Flipkart, and used Facebook to connect with your family and friends quite often. Here we are going to look how you can combine and use Flipkart + Facebook to make money online via these two mediums. In case you do not know

Twitter Account Manager Tutorials

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Bulk Twitter Account Creator Software Tutorials Are you looking to promote your business on twitter? If yes, then you need to watch below videos. In these videos I have covered how you can create hundreds of twitter account using twitter account creation bot and later I have shown how you

Twitter Marketing Tool - Tweet Attacks Pro Tutorial

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Twitter Marketing Tool Complete Tweet Attacks Pro3 Tutorial If you are looking for a twitter marketing tool which can make your life easy then Tweet Attacks Pro3 is the most trusted tool in the market. It can do mass tweets, it can follow people, reply to them and much