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Follow Adder Review – Instagram Marketing Software

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What is Follow adder – Followadder is an Instagram marketing automation software. It can automate the process of getting real Instagram followers, real photo likes and comments; entire Instagram management, Click Here to Get 7 Days FREE Trial of Follow Adder. Using Followadder you can automate your entire Instagram

Secure your blog the right way – Blog Security 101

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In the previous part we had a look at How to brand your blog. Brands are memorable and relatable hence branding your blog ensures that you can make it into something big, that people not only like reading and sharing but take pride in being a part of. Today

8 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

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Traffic Traffic Traffic!! Every blogger dreams of getting more and more traffic to his/her blog. Relevant traffic is the key to a blog’s success. This is perhaps the most important post in the How to Make your own blog series. In previous post we had a look at how

231 SEO Checklist

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SEO is not only about On-page and Off-Page elements, it’s a lot more. Implementing correct analytics, monitoring the relevant data and constantly adapting your strategy to keep the improvement going it’s a never ending task. This requires constant tweaking and adjusting of many different elements like Meta data, CTA

13 Essential Pages your Blog Needs

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In previous part we had a look at the different blog structuring elements, and how best to place them in order to maximize your blog’s effectiveness. In this post we will be looking at pages every blog needs to have. Every blog you might have come across includes certain

How to Design your Blog Layout - Step 7 of How to make your blog

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In the previous part we had a look at how to setup your WordPress blog on HostGator. Adding the basic settings and plugins to it and making it ready for your first post. With all the technical stuff behind us, and the blog finally in place, it's time to

Blog Branding & Logo

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Branding requires a central point in form of visual. You see ‘VW' logo you know it's Volkswagen, you notice a Swoosh (right tick sign) on any merchandise and you know it's Nike. These are logo's, and they represent each brand and help build a visual image of the brand.